How is matcha made



In Early to mid-April, tea leaves designated for matcha are completely shaded.


Around early May the tea leaves are carefully hand picked by farmer.


Right after tea leaves are picked, They go through steaming process to prevent from oxidation and retain natural green color, fragrance, and nutrition.  The steaming process is the signature of Japanese green tea, it preserve the leaves' greenness to maximum.


The leaves are passed through different stages of an air machine to cool and dry up. and also in this process remove the vines and stems.


The tea leaves at this stage we called "Tencha" are ground into fine powder. Traditionally, it’s manually ground on a stone mill, usually process it very slowly and evenly to prevent the heat cause burning, therefore matcha is quite delicate. But these days in factories, it’s done with special designed ground mills thanks to the technology, and matcha become more accessible outside Japan.