Chawan - Heat Resistance Glass Japanese Matcha Tea Bowl

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"Edo glass" is the homemade glassware which inherits tradition from the Edo Period, and present is Tokyo-to designation Traditional Pottery items. The Kamakura series is heat-resistant glassware of Edo glass and is practicable by a microwave and tableware back washing machine for domestic use. "Refractory glass" Edo glass You can use a powdered green tea bowl for the soft feel of a material it's homemade and the simple design to which tiredness doesn't come in spite of a season.


What is Edo Glass?


Edo Glass is a traditional craft of Japan that’s hand made and has been continued in Edo area (today’s Tokyo area) since Edo Period (1603~1868). The traditions and techniques since Edo period have been handed down from artisans to artisans in this area until today.


Product Details of Edo Glass Chawan

*Condition: a brand-new,  Price is a tea bowl.

*Size: Width: 4.4 inch (11.3cm) Height: 3.0 inch (7.5cm) approx.size 

*Material: heat resistance glass

*Origin: Made in JAPAN

*Note:Japanese Chawan (matcha tea ceremony use)